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Word Of President Azzaytuna University

Dr. Mohamed Abdulsadeq Mohamed Alhemali
رئيس جامعة الزيتونة
It aspires to be a leading university in the fields of education and scientific research and distinguished in serving the community and protecting the surrounding environment locally, regionally and globally.

We are a university ... with a national identity ... a global goal ... that seeks to provide the best educational and research services using the latest educational methods and curricula. It aims to implement effective systems for quality assurance and continuous improvement of university performance in order to graduate students who have scientific and practical competencies and skills and are qualified to contribute positively to achieving sustainable development and achieving social welfare for the human community in light of respecting the cultural and ethical values recognized by different peoples of the world.


In order to translate the vision and mission into reality, the University of Azzaytuna seeks to achieve the following strategic goals: -

First / Spreading knowledge as a natural right for every human being, and working to build an effective cultural, scientific movement in various global arenas.

Second / Emphasizing the Arab and Islamic national self by addressing the challenges that call for obliterating its pioneering role in building Islamic civilization at the regional and global levels.

Third / Establishing the principle of teaching and learning through preparing cadres from university and higher qualifications holders in various human and applied specializations and providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to keep pace with the technical development and the tremendous scientific progress in the various branches of knowledge in our modern era.

Fourth / Training and qualification of workers in the various administrative, technical and academic units of the university in order to develop their skills and professional capabilities and consequently perform their duties and duties diligently.

Fifth / Encourage and provide an opportunity for faculty members to practice their research activities in a safe scientific environment and urge them to participate in various workshops, scientific and cultural seminars and conferences inside and outside Libya, while providing various scientific and technical consultations.

Sixth / Implementing effective systems for quality assurance and continuous improvement of job and academic performance in order to provide the finest educational services to all beneficiaries of the educational process, community service, and the surrounding environment with distinction.

Seventh / Organizing various intellectual and scientific activities, and publishing, writing and translating works by publishing books and specialized scientific fields, with an attempt to strengthen bonds of friendship and cooperation with the corresponding higher education institutions at home and abroad.

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