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Mr. nagmden milad naser shtewi

  • َQualifications: Master degree
  • Academic Rank: Assistant Lecturer
  • Computer Engineering and Electronics - School of Engineering


nagmden shtewi is one of the staff members at the department of هندسة الحاسب وهندسة النظم faculty of 3. He is working as a since 2016-09-03. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.


12 ,2014

Master degree

7 ,2001

Bachelor Degree


Security Analysis and Improvement for IEEE 802.11i

Abstract: While conventional cryptographic security mechanisms are essential to the overall problem, of securing wireless networks, the wireless medium is a powerful source of domain-specific information, that can complement and enhancetraditional security mechanisms . In this work a security paradigms, which exploit physical layer properties of the wireless medium, can enhance confidentiality and authentication services.In essence using the physical layer information available , we are able to continuously authenticate packets at the same layer. However ,this form of security is only possible through physical layer security mechanisms. An approach where wireless devices, interested in establishing a secret key, sample the link signature space in a physical area to collect and combine uncorrelated measurements channel based secrecy algorithms ,based on ITS key derivation protocol, in order to improve existing wireless security system had been laid down and modified as appropriate algorithms.
Nagmden Miled Naser, Ali Emhemmad Almosi, (2-2016)
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