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School of Literature - Azzaytuna University
Dr. Hend Ali M Benghazi
School of Literature - Azzaytuna University
Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Omar Abdulla
School of Literature - Azzaytuna University


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DMP IX: Summary Report on the Fourth Season of Excavations of the Burials and Identity team

Abstract The fourth season of the Burials and Identity component of the Desert Migrations Project in 2010 focused on completion of excavation work at two main cemeteries (TAG001 and TAG012) and smaller-scale sampling work at a number of nearby cemeteries. The investigation of a number of burials in a semi-nucleated escarpment cemetery TAG063 produced interesting new information on Proto-Urban Garamantian funerary rites, dating to the latter centuries bc. The excavations at TAG001 were extended to two areas of the cemetery characterised by different burial types to the stepped tombs that were excavated in 2009. A second type of fairly monumental burial was identified, but these had been heavily robbed and it was not possible to demonstrate conclusively that these pre-dated the stepped tombs. Most of the other burials excavated were simple shaft burials and were relatively sparsely furnished with imported goods, in comparison with the larger tombs, though quite a lot of organic material was identified (matting, wood, gourds, textiles and leather). At TAG012, a series of additional mudbrick tombs was emptied. All had been robbed, but pockets of the original fill and associated finds survived intact, yielding some interesting assemblages. The majority of these tombs appear to be Late Garamantian, though some contained artefacts from much earlier times
David Mattingly, Hafed Abduli, Hamza Aburgheba, Muftah Ahmed, Misbah Ali Ahmed Esmaia, Steve Baker, , (11-2010)

مقاصد الشريعة في فرض الحجاب

لتحقيق مصالح العباد ودفع المفاسد عنهم في العاجل والآجل وما يتضمنه الحجاب من تدبير وقائي من الوقوع في الفاحشة
, (1-2015)

عطية الآباء للأبناء في الشرع الإسلامي.

توزيع الثروة في حياة الوالد على أبنائه وتنظيمها وتوزيعها بالطريقة الصحيحة
, (1-2014)
staff photo

Dr. Muftah Ahmed Mohammed Alhddad

Muftah Alhddad is one of the staff members at the department of الآثـــــار faculty of 2. He is working as a since 2014-06-03. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.