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Optimizing Central Pattern Generators to Generate Rhythmic for Arm Movement

This study analyses the mathematical structure of the central pattern generators (CPGs) and their stability analysis. This paper also discusses how to optimizing the CPGs to generate rhythmic patterns for human arm by using the genetic algorithm (GA) with hybrid function. It also focuses on optimizing bidirectional two CPGs in the stable region to generate rhythmic patterns similar to the rhythmic patterns derived from real data without any input or sensory feedback.
Abdalftah Elbori, Muna E. Abdulhafed, Wafaa I. H. Abou zenad, (9-2021)
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Study the Behavior of Phosphorus Added to Soil in Wadi Etba, South-West Libya

The aim of this study was to investigate the adsorption of phosphorous to soils and its availability to be active in Wadi-Etba region (south west of Libya). The effects of some properties of these soils on phosphorous adsorption have been studied and characteristics of adsorption have also been investigated. Seven soil samples were collected from private farms. The chemical and electrochemical analysis data were used to evaluate the adsorption parameters for study of different phosphorous adsorption isotherms in these soils. The adsorption process was tested by applying Freundlich, Langmuir Model isotherms. The isotherms parameters (Kf,n), (b, Kl), (K,y) were used to predict the type of adsorption layer, the active Sites involved in adsorption process and adsorption capacity of phosphorous onto soil. The results showed low adsorption of phosphorus onto all studied soils and quantity of adsorbed phosphorous different with different additional initial concentration and studied soil properties. The adsorption isotherms for phosphorous adsorbed onto all studied soils were of S Shaped according to Giles classification and followed the fitting data of Freundlich equation. This was discussed on the basis that Unequal energy of adsorption centers developed that may allow to adsorption multilayers on soil surface, The results showed different adsorption capacity for studied soils and found to be decreased as: Tokroten < Om Alhmam < Tasawa < Dojal < Sobaitat < Marhba < Agar. The negative values of free energy (ΔG) showed that the adsorption process of phosphorous was spontaneous Thermodynamically and related significantly to freundlich (Kd) constant.
Wafa Khalleefah Amhimmid, (8-2021)
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دراسة ثأثير مرض الكوفيد -19 على المصابين في منطقة ترهونة

مر أكثر من عام على ظهور فيروس كورونا في مقاطعة ووهان بالصين نهاية 2019، ومازال العالم يعاني من خطر انتشار وباء كوفيد-19 الذي أصاب أكثر من مئة مليون إنسان وقضى على مايقارب المليونين من البشر. تأثير الوباء كان كبيراً على جميع مناحي الحياة من الجانب الصحي والإقتصادي والسياسي إلى الجانب الإجتماعي والنفسي في كل دول العالم. كانت الأثار الصحية لوباء كورونا في ليبيا واضحة على الصحة العامة وعلى العادات والتقاليد الإجتماعية وعلى طريقة تقديم الخدمات الصحية للمصابين. لمعرفة ذلك تمت دراسة ثأثير المرض على المصابين بمنطقة ترهونة، حيث أضهرت الدراسة أن المرض أثر على المصابين وأدى إلى تغيرات نفسية واجتماعية تمثلت في طريقة تعاملهم مع المجتمع، مما يتطلب القيام بمزيد من الدراسات حول المرض وثأثيره لتصميم برامج وقاية ومكافحة ناجعة.
Ali Guma Azbida, Mustafa Muhammad Omar, Faraj Kamis Feraj Sagar, (5-2021)
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Amal Atia El-Muzghi., Masuod Hfidan., Sana bashir Mohammed., (2021) The potential use of medicinal plants as an alternative treatment for COVID-19 . scientific conference of Covid-19 (CONCOVID) on May 19-20 JGSC A special issue of the Journal of

   المستخلص                       الاستخدامات المحتملة للنباتات الطبية كعلاج بديل لفيروس كورونا 19                         امال عطيه المزوغي . مسعود محمد احفيظان . سناء البشير محمد . يعد فيروس كورونا 19 حالة طارئة تثير الكثير من القلق المحلي والدولي وقد تسبب فيروس كورونا الجديد  واسع الانتشار و شديد العدوى بإصابة ما يقرب مائة مليون شخص وتسبب في حدوث نسبة عالية من الوفيات بلغت أكثر من 2،129418 وفاة حول العالم. حتى الآن ، لا يوجد علاج فعال و مثالي للمرض ، فان استخدام النباتات الطبية ومنتجاتها من الوسائل المهمة لعلاج الكثير من الأمراض ويمكن أن تكون من البدائل المقترحة و المحتملة لعلاج فيروس كورونا 19  من المركبات الطبية المستخلصة من النباتات الطبية و ألمستخدمه في الطب البديل والتقليدي . Abstract  The corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a public health emergency of international concern ,caused by a novel corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) that has brought about many fatalities. is an extremely infectious disease and has already infected nearly one hundred million people and caused more than 2,129418 deaths in the world. The rising number of cases of this highly transmissible infection has stressed the urgent need to find a potent drug. Based on our current knowledge of this virus and in the absence of a treatment perfect for COVID19, this article is an attempt to propose ways to prevent, treat and control the COVID-19 virus, using medicinal plants. Products of medicinal plants are the basis for treating various human diseases and their demand and acceptance is rising progressively with time. Some natural herbal compounds prepared from existing medicinal plants available surrounding us have demonstrated encouraging antiviral properties. This review can be used as guidance of traditional medicine for the alternative treatment of COVID-19 disease with the utilization of medicinal plants. We have reviewed papers published spanning from 2000 to 2021 and most of the cited references were published in the past two years. The present mini-review aims to aims to provide some review of medical plants and especially of the potential of polyphenols works as anti-SARS-CoV-2 agents Keywords: COVID-19 disease: medicinal plants: polyphenols: pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2
Amal Atia El-Muzghi, Masuod Hfidan, Sana bashir Mohammed , (5-2021)
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A comparative study between some physiological parameters for diabetic and non-diabetic renal failure patients in Al-Zawiya Center for the treatment of kidney diseases

A comparative study between some physiological parameters for diabetic and non-diabetic renal failure patients in Al-Zawiya Center for the treatment of kidney diseases
Ali Guma Azbida, Mohamed Mftah Zayed, Fawzia Kahbar, Zaher Abdel Salam, (3-2021)


Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, mostly made from 7 hydroxycholesterol in the skin with the aid of ultraviolet B radiation (UVB). Its function is facilitating the calcium and phosphorus absorption from the intestines that enables them to be transported among others to bones and teeth. In addition, maintaining the blood calcium homeostasis. Its deficiency leads to rickets and osteoporosis. This study aimed to analysis of the vitamin D levels in a randomized 2 samples in the two Libyan cities (Tarhuna & Tripoli) to contribute in the evaluation of the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in the society. Therefore, vitamin D levels among 106 cases (52 from Tarhuna and 54 from Tripoli) were measured. Results of current study showed that 50 out of 106 cases (47.17%) were deficient in vitamin D, while insufficient vitamin D levels were found in 25 out of 106 cases (23.58%)
Ali Guma Azbida, Hussein Faraj Salama, Fawzia Kahbar, Mohamed Mftah Zayed, (3-2021)

1 Generalized S-closed spaces and strongly S-closed spaces

This paper discusses both of S-closed spaces, strongly S-closed spaces and properties of them as well as the effect of some functions on them. This study focuses on show the relation between these spaces and the spaces that have closed cover.
Abdalftah Elbori, Ramadan Mohamed Naas Al-wahishi, (3-2021)
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The Impact of Accounting Information Quality at the level of performance. Applied Study on Libyan Banks

Abstract Purpose – the purpose of this paper is to examine the extent to which accounting information quality effects on banking performance. Design and Methodology – A primary survey was conducted on a sample of 54 managers who work in Libyan Banks, Tripoli City Finding – the result of this empirical study shows that accounting information system is positively associated with information quality (IQ) and mediates the indirect effect between the information quality and banks performance. More specific, system usefulness has an intervening impact on the relationship between IQ and Organization Performance (OP). While user satisfaction shows a great association with IQ, weak or low relation with OP compared with system usefulness. Research limitation – this paper was limited to the effect of IQ as an independent variable on AIS and OP on the Libyan banks. A cross-sectional study presented in this research can establish association but not causality. (PDF) The Impact of Accounting Information Quality at the level of performance. Applied Study on Libyan Banks.
Naser Bashir Ghanem, Khaled Ali Endaya, (12-2020)
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