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Improved Route Cache Method for Dynamic Source Routing Protocol

Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) are described by connectivity through a collection of wireless mobile nodes along with rapid changing network topology. Wireless mobile nodes are free to move autonomous of each other which make routing processes more complicated. In order to assist communication in the network, a routing approach is required to discover and maintain routes between wireless mobile nodes. This article suggests a new approach for MANET routing protocols, specifically for Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol. We named it IRC. Basically, IRC utilizes an Improved Route Cache method for efficient route caching. It aids mobile nodes to reorder their route caches as soon as a new route has discovered. Since IRC employed two different concepts; freshness and shortness of the source route to select an efficient source route for possible future use. As results, excessive experiments show that the improved DSR (which uses IRC method) outperformance the standard DSR protocol in several simulation scenarios, specifically: the packet delivery ratio, routing overhead, and dropped packet ratio with respect to the mobility. All the simulation scenarios have been carried out with GloMoSim simulator.
Ragb O. M. Saleh, (5-2019)
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وجوه الإعجاز القرآني في مفهوم الخطابي

أولى الإمام الخطابي في رسالته " بيان إعجاز القرآن "اهتماما ببيان النواحي التي وقع بها إعجاز القرآن ، وذلك من خلال عرضه لأربعة وجوه ارتضى بعضها ورد البعض الأخر ، وهذه الدراسة تناولت تلك الوجوه بغية التعرف على مفهوم الخطابي لإعجاز القرآن ، وبيان منهجه ومكانته فيه .
fouziyah mohammed sagar salamh, (5-2019)

The prevalence of Giardia lamblia parasites infection among primary school children in Al - Zawia District – Libya.

Abstract This study was conducted to determine the prevalence of Giardia lamblia (G. lamblia) parasite among children from three schools located in Zawia District - Libya. Stool samples were collected from 300 students (aged 6 to 14 years) and examined to search for the G. lamblia parasites by using the direct wet film in which the normal saline solution and Lugol’s iodine used separately on the same slide beside that the concentration technique (precipitation) in formalin and ether used. In this study 9 out of 300 cases (03.00%) were positive by a direct method and sedimentation technique. These results are considered to be of the lowest rates for parasite infections.
Mohamed Mftah Zayed, Ali Azbida, Fawzia Kahbar and Zaher Abdel Salam, (5-2019)

The prevalence of HBV, HCV and HIV infections in immigrants and associated risks for local community in BaniWalid. (2019). Mostafa M. O. Abdoarrahem , Hanan M Mahmoud, Zahra M. E. Abognida , Ayman F. Alhouadi (2019)EPH - International Journal of Applied S

Since 2011, the number of illegal immigrants has dramatically increased from African counties to Libya, where they prepare for their journey through the Mediterranean sea to Europe. Before migration, they stay for a period of time and work in Libyan cities and may contact the local community through various means. BaniWalid is a small city with a population of 120,000, receives thousands of immigrants every month, the majority of them come from countries known with endemic diseases. The study was carried out during the period from March to June 2016, with the help of Baniwalid healthcare office and non-governmental foreigners’ registration office in BaniWalid. Blood samples of 1511 immigrants from 24 nationalities were tested for infectious diseases including HBV, HCV and HIV using Rapid test kit and positive results were confirmed by ELISA. The aim of this work was to find out the prevalence in immigrants and associated risk for local community. The study found high prevalence of HBV and the results were 6.68%, 3.51% and 0.967% positive for HBV, HCV and HIV respectively. The prevalence of infection rate for each nationality was established to find the high risk group. The finding indicates that the increased contact with immigrants will represent high risks for the local community. The paper suggests that Libyan health service providers must think differently and focus on educating local community about prevention, transmission, symptoms, treatment and control of infectious diseases as the first line of defense.
Mostafa M. O. Abdoarrahem , Hanan M Mahmoud, Zahra M. E. Abognida , Ayman F. Alhouadi , (5-2019)
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الطحالب النباتية الملتصقة بالصخور المغمورة وفي الطبقة السطحية لمياه حوض سد وادي غان والعوامل الفيزوكيميائية لمياهه

في هذه الدراسة تم جمع عينات من المياه والصخور من الطبقة السطحية بحوض مياه سد وادي غان خلال نهايات فصل الشتاء وحتى بدايات فصل الصيف وذلك للتعرف على أنواع العوالق النباتية المتواجدة بها وتحديدها معمليا بواسطة الميكروسكوب، أيضا تم قياس بعض العناصر الفيزيوكيميائية حقليا مباشرة أما البعض الأخر فقد تم قياسه معمليا وفق الطرق القياسية. أظهرت نتائج هذه الدراسة للعوالق المتواجدة بالطبقة السطحية وعلى الصخور للمياه المدروسة خلال فصل الربيع تواجد 3 مجموعات شائعة وسائدة خلال فترة الدراسة وهي مجموعة ( Bacillariophyceae ) حيث تم التعرف على 8 أنواع تواجدت في المياه, أما بالنسبة للصخور فقد تم التعرف على 12 نوع من هذه المجموعة, أما مجموعة (Chlorophyceae ) فقد تم التعرف على 6 أنواع منها في المياه, أما بالنسبة إلى الصخور فقد ثم التعرف على 4 أنواع , أما بالنسبة لمجموعةCyanophyceae فقد تم التعرف على 4 أنواع في المياه أما على الصخور فقد ثم التعرف على نوعان من هذه المجموعة , اما بالنسبة لمجموعة (Eugolenophyceae) فقد ثم التعرف على نوعان فقط على الصخور أما بالنسبة لمجموعة ( Xanthophyceae) فقد ثم التعرف على نوع واحد فقط من هذه المجموعة في المياه. تواجدت معظم العوالق من حيث الوفرة والتنوع للعينات المدروسة خلال شهري فبراير ومارس, وقد يكون هذا بسبب ارتفاع مستويات الأكسجين الذائب الي (9.8) ملغ/لتر وارتفاع درجة PH الي (12.06) وانخفاض درجات حرارة المياه الي Cº12 وأيضا انخفاض نسبة الأملاح الذائبة الكلية الي(0.2) جرام/لتر, أما خلال شهر يونيو فقد لوحظ انخفاض في مجموعات العوالق ماعدا مجموعة (Chlorophceae) التي أظهرت تواجد نوع واحد كان شائعا في المياه , أما مجموعة (Bacillariophyceae) فقد سادت 5 أنواع منها على الصخور بالرغم من الانخفاض في تركيز الأكسجين المذاب والذي سجل (4.1) ملغ/لتر وأيضا درجة PH (6.2) مع الزيادة في تركيز الفوسفور (0.6) ملغ/لتر ودرجة حرارة المياه Cº 26 والذي قد يكون بسبب ارتفاع العسورة نسبيا (90.8) ملغ/لتر والذي أدى بدوره الى تناقص أنواع العوالق النباتية خلال تلك الفترة نتيجة تدفق المياه إلى الحوض بسبب هطول الأمطار وذلك خلال بدايات جمع العينات لهذه الدراسة . يمكن أن نستنتج من خلال هذه الدراسة أن للعوامل البيئية الفيزيائية والكيميائية وبعض الأنشطة البشرية تأثير ودور كبير في تواجد مجموعات العوالق وتنوعها في هذا الحوض.
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Multi-Carrier Modulation Techniques for Light Fidelity Technology

The Light-Fidelity(Li-Fi) is very new technology It is a new solution for multiple users. and the modulation techniques for this technology are reviewed in this paper. Li-Fi uses light as a carrier it is a type of wireless communication systems. Li-Fi can be used in sensitive areas without causing interference. Single carrier modulation (SCM) techniques are used in Li-Fi. Multicarrier modulation (MCM) techniques offer power, spectral and efficiency for Li-Fi. Li-Fi solves insufficiency of radio frequency bandwidth, provides security, low implementation, and cannot penetrate human body. Modulation techniques for Li-Fi technology are reviewed in this paper.)
Khaled S. Tarmissi, (3-2019)
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(Benefit from marine plants thrown by the sea along the Libyan coast using them to feed animals)

This study was conducted at the Biotechnology Research Center in southern Tripoli to determine the possibility of using Mediterranean seaweeds along the Libyan coast, estimated at thousands of tons per year in animal feeding. The experiment was conducted on (20 male goats), divided into four groups with five animals in each group : • Group 1: (100% Barley straw) control • Group 2: (50% Barley straw + 50% seaweed) • Group 3: (25% Barley straw + 75% seaweed) • Group 4: ( 100% seaweed) Seaweeds was cut into small pieces and mixed well until the mixture was mixed and the experiment lasted for six weeks. The increase in animal weight and feed consumption rate (PH) were studied in the rumen. The results showed no significant differences Group I, II and III, while there were significant differences between the first and second group compared to the fourth group in the studied factors. The results obtained from this study indicate that seaweed can be used with (50% barley straw + 50% seaweed) and (25% barley straw + 75% seaweed) safely. Use of seaweed without mixing with barley straw made the animals were less consumed and palatable compared to other groups. It is recommended to use seaweed mixed with barley straw as it reduces the cost of production and helps to eliminate the huge amounts that come out of the sea during the fall and winter and thus reduce From environmental pollution to Libyan beaches
ADEL EMHIMMID MOHAMMED SAEIDAH, Ismail Fituri B Elgalai, (3-2019)


This paper presents a designing and implementing a simulator that allows performance analysis of a hydrogen engine. The simulator is developed using MATLAB. The simulator allows assessing the effect of air-fuel ratio (AFR) and engine rotational speed on the performance of a four cylinder hydrogen fuelled port injection internal combustion engine. The significance of this simulation is that performance of an experimental hydrogen engine can be predicted on purely theoretical basis, without actually performing the experiment. The performance parameters include Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) and Brake Thermal Efficiency. It allows changing the input parameters and observing the influence of changed parameters on the overall performance of the engine. This has been made possible through the means of mathematical modelling. Through this model, a set of governing equations has been derived which gives near accurate results to the actual experimental values.
Mohammed Eliwa Mohammed Eliwa, Hamza Khalifa Jahran, (3-2019)